Topic: A Spay & Neutering Quiz

Q. Isn’t it wrong to deprive an animal of the natural right to reproduce?

A. No, it is wrong to allow these animals to reproduce millions of unwanted offspring who are eventually killed because there aren’t enough responsible homes.

Q. If I find homes for my pets’ litters then I’m not contributing to the problem am I?

A. Yes you are. Only a certain number of people want pets. So every home you found for your pet’s offspring took a home away from a loving animal already at a shelter.

Q. Shouldn’t every female pet have at least one litter before being spayed?

A. No. In fact your pet will likely to be healthier if she never goes into heat. Nor will her personality improve with motherhood. She is just as likely to become less social and more aggressive after having a litter as she is to become calmer and gentler.

Q. Shouldn’t children experience the miracle of birth?

A. A more important lesson to teach your child would be that of compassion and concern for life itself by explaining why their pet should not have babies.

Q. Doesn’t neutering alter an animals personality?

A. Personality changes that may result from neutering are for the better. Not being distracted by the instinctual need to find a mate helps stop roaming and be calmer, though not less protective of their territory.

Q. Only females add to the overpopulation problem, right?

A. No, a male can father far more offspring in his lifetime than a female can mother.

Q. Won’t animal shelters take care of the surplus animals?

A. We do the best we can, but the number of unwanted animals far exceeds the number of available homes. This leaves many loving and healthy animals in our community who must be euthanized as the only humane solution to this tragic dilemma. Only spaying and neutering end the overpopulation problem.