It was a hot, hot day in July around 1pm in 1997. A women ran into the hospital screaming she had an emergency with a kitten in her arms. She had found him hanging from a soccer net in a field barely alive. The tech ran him back to the doctor and laid him on the table and when Dr. Chapman started the exam she could feel the heat emanating from his body. She took his temp with a digital thermometer and it immediately went to 109 and shut off.

His pupils were fixed and dilated and he was in shock and barely breathing! The kind woman gave Dr. Chapman a charge card for $100.00 and asked her please,

“Do what you can!” …

The lady left and was never seen again. The doctor packed the small 4 pound kitty’s head with ice and put him on an IV of fluids, steroids and other medications.

The Lady told us his name was Fred. Her neighbor went away and left the kitten behind. He came out of the coma after a week but was still very weak and sick. After one month he got up and staggered around a bit. Fred did recover, with some brain stem damage.

He’s been at the hospital ever since. We joke that it is Fred who owns the hospital and we all work for him.

Fred’s Memorial

Fred, our clinic cat, passed on 11/17/15 due to complications of diabetes. He was 18 years and 8 months when he rejoined the universe.