This page is only for TELEMEDICINE VIDEO APPOINTMENTS. (The hours listed are for video appointments only)

Please read the INSTRUCTIONS below before booking:
-ONE pet per appointment
-Payment is required at the time of booking
-Please select EMAIL notifications as the link to the appointment will only be sent to email addresses. You cannot access the appointment through text. (This can be done through most any device that has camera and microphone)
-Please copy and paste the link 30 minutes prior to your appointment so you have time to set up an account. You will need to download Skype BEFORE pressing the “Join Conversation” button.
-Please only video call at the time of your appointment with your pet present. (In order to place video call, download Skype, copy and paste the link into your browser, press Join Conversation, then press the video chat button, which may be located in the top righthand corner.)

If you have trouble please call our office at (561) 642-1247.