TELETECH definition – an extension of telehealth and telemedicine that provides an audiovisual platform in order to establish or continue the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

Teletech has a unique feature which includes a veterinary examination to an animal species by an experienced veterinary nurse (oftentimes requiring an additional veterinary assistant). At the same time the veterinarian is on the phone in Real Time as a FaceTime call looking at the patient and communicating with the aforementioned (the client may or may not be present during the examination).

Since the client may or may not be present at the time of the examination, they will be informed by the veterinary nurse and/or the doctor via telephone or in person before any treatment is started and/or prescribed. Nothing will be done without the permission of the client and the veterinarian. Exception; if the patient has a life-threatening emergency where treatment cannot be delayed without the loss of life, standard emergency medicine will be utilized . e.g. toad poisoning, heat exhaustion. In those cases treatment may be instituted before the veterinarian or client is contacted.