Dear Dr. Chapman,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my little poodle, Bubbles back from an intense tooth and sinus infection that had robbed her of her health and nearly her life.

When I took her to you, she was literally near death, lethargic, inactive and in pain. At 15 years old, Bubbles had always been very active, funny and a great companion to my wife who is bed ridden. She stays at her side day and night but the past few weeks she lay almost still, barely moving.
On 19 December, with a heart heavy, I brought her to you for dental cleaning and removal of three badly infected teeth. Truthfully I feared she might die under anesthesia and we spent the day worried we might never see our precious girl again.

Buy at 5 P.M. you called and said Bubbles was ready to come home. I rushed to get her and was so relieved to see how well she looked and acted. That was two weeks ago, Since then, this 15 year old baby is acting and looking like a puppy again, happy, active, a great appetite and for all the world a young, healthy dog again.

A miracle…no, but the result of a highly skilled vet’s hands and expertise, was just as good as one. I cannot thank you enough for giving my wife Barbara and I more time with this baby we have had since she was a puppy.

The tender care you give our pets as if they were your own is what sets you apart from so many other vets who do their job but without that personal touch that eases your client’s concern when their beloved dog or cat need help.

Years ago, when we had to let our old and ill Bichon go, you came to the house, sat on the bed and listened to soft music as my wife and I had to let

Blossom go to ease her pain. As I held her in my arms, you gently sent her onto doggie heaven. It had to be but your empathy for our loss and what you had to do, eased the trauma we faced at losing her. Thank you Dr. Chapman. Our county is so fortunate to have you to look after our pets. I tell all my friends to see you when their babies are sick or need normal health checks.

– Wayne Grover in the Lantana area….